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Contrarian: Buying into Panic Selling on Wall Street

When there is blood in the streets, buy property even if it’s your own.” This saying is attributed to Nathan Rothschild of the legendary Rothschild banking dynasty. Nathan was one of the five sons of the banking magnet patriarch Mayer Rothschild. Nathan moved to London to establish the family’s banking outfit in England. Nathan moved to England in 1798, right before one of the most tumultuous times in world history, with conditions very similar to today. England was slowly trying to rebuild and expand the Empire after the American Revolutionary War. Then in 1799, a very ambitious and determined man tried to reorganize the way business was done in Europe. His name was Napoleon. England was under the genuine threat of invasion by France. England had two critical things in their favor: Command and Capital. Admiral Nelson took command of England’s first-rate fleet and waged war on the high seas. Equally critically, but often overlooked, was the British ability to raise capital after all those cannons weren’t going to finance themselves.

Nathan Rothschild was heavily involved in raising funds for British allies during the Napoleonic wars. There is even a picture of his signature on bonds issued during that time. But after the Battle of Waterloo, Nathan Rothschild’s quote about investing started to see returns. Europe was in a state of disarray, and things were on sale, fire-sales prices to be exact. Napoleon’s France is no longer a thing, but the Rothschild Banking family is still thriving today. Legend has it that Nathan’s Waterloo’s deals netted him millions in the 1820s. You can do the math on what that would be worth today.

The moral of this story is an obvious one when everyone is in a state of panic, take a breath, look around and smile; prices will be going on one hell of a sale.

You can recognize that crisis can bring tremendous opportunity if you look around. But that is only one half of the equation, you need to know when and how to deploy your capital, and that is where our subscription service comes in.

Posted: May 21, 2022

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