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ETF Stock Report provides a daily breakdown of the top thirty-five stocks, in various portfolio sizes, performing against the major market indexes.

We know investors can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of financial news. Our report provides a daily performance report to help you tailor your own portfolio.

There are thousands of publicly traded stocks, we focus on the ones that are driving the market.

“With today’s headlines, it has never been more important to be more selective with your investments.”
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Do you know what you are actually buying in the ETF? If something went wrong are you actually getting the underlying stock gains or just the fees and losses?

Reduce Single Stock Risk & ETF

  • Many investors may choose an ETF to invest in and may not know how many fees and what stocks are currently being held. ETFs are also vulnerable to market manipulation via short shells and algorithmic buy sells orders in High Frequency Trading.
  • Our model provides you with the tools to create your own personal non-exchange traded fund. Real ownership, real dividends, and less fees.

The ETF Stock Report will provide outperformance of the underlying stock index. It is essential/critical to monitor the portfolio as new stocks come into the model and old stocks exit the model.

You as an investor will be owning the outright stocks. With all the chaos in the news and the market, it is it critical that you be discerning in your investments.

Portfolio Breakdown weightings examples for different sizes from $35,000 up to $5,000,000

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