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Independence Day 246 Years of Dangerous Freedom7/4/22

246 Years ago today, On July 2, 1776, a group of fifty-six original American renegades undertook a revolutionary concept, pun intended. They decided to take a vote, not just any vote, but what was an unthinkable and unspeakable act of the time. By signing their names and pledging their lives, liberty, and sacred honor, our… Continue reading Independence Day 246 Years of Dangerous Freedom

American Revolution

Using the Crisis to Lever Up Your Net Worth Part I6/30/22

The Year was 1939 and trouble was starting to brew around the world. In the United States was still reeling from the Great Depression, unemployment was around 17%. Hitler’s war machine of tanks started to roll over Poland. The die was cast for conflict. A global crisis was underway yet again, shortly after the war… Continue reading Using the Crisis to Lever Up Your Net Worth Part I

Contrarian Investing

Walmart- The Logistics Kingmaker for your Portfolio6/29/22

Walmart, the nation’s giant brick motor retailer, is the undisputed king of logistics in the US Economy. Now there will be those who will say what about UPS, FedEx, or DHL? One word— market share. Walmart owes a great deal of its corporate success story to one of the largest logistics systems in the world… Continue reading Walmart- The Logistics Kingmaker for your Portfolio

walmart stock

Johnson & Johnson vs. Procter & Gamble- Two All-American Companies that will help you fight inflation and volatility6/24/22

Summary Both are top 50 S&P companies with a consistent history of paying attractive dividends. Both companies are well-positioned for the commanding leads in the $4.1 Trillion health care sector. Both companies’ balance sheets are well-positioned for potential future health care acquisitions. To get a daily update portfolio. Head over here to take command of your financial… Continue reading Johnson & Johnson vs. Procter & Gamble- Two All-American Companies that will help you fight inflation and volatility

Johnson & Johnson

Record Sales of Tesla and Other Electric Cars5/22/22

Electric car sales continued to build a commanding share of the $3.8 Trillion Car market globally. Last year nearly every month of 2021 broke a new purchase record. For example, more than 720,000 electric vehicle registrations this November, up 72% from the previous year! But this record was beaten rapidly in December with over 907,000… Continue reading Record Sales of Tesla and Other Electric Cars

tesla car sales

Contrarian: Buying into Panic Selling on Wall Street5/21/22

When there is blood in the streets, buy property even if it’s your own.” This saying is attributed to Nathan Rothschild of the legendary Rothschild banking dynasty. Nathan was one of the five sons of the banking magnet patriarch Mayer Rothschild. Nathan moved to London to establish the family’s banking outfit in England. Nathan moved… Continue reading Contrarian: Buying into Panic Selling on Wall Street


Current Interest Rates and Dividend Vs. Growth Stocks4/27/22

Understanding the differences between dividend stocks and growth stocks is critical for investors. Dividend stocks pay out a percentage of a company’s profit to each shareholder at a regular interval. Typically, these businesses are well-established with large market shares and fewer opportunities for significant growth. On the other hand, growth companies are often newer and… Continue reading Current Interest Rates and Dividend Vs. Growth Stocks

growth stocks

Energy Markets and the Ukraine – Russian War4/27/22

The Russia and Ukraine war is making a big impact on the global energy market. Countries in the European Union are especially vulnerable due to their reliance on Russian natural gas. The United States has put numerous economic sanctions on Russia, which further drives up the energy market costs. Many feel that working with other… Continue reading Energy Markets and the Ukraine – Russian War

oil and war

How to Choose the Best Stocks for Your Portfolio4/27/22

Investing in stocks is a great way to build long-term wealth, but it’s also easy to make mistakes that can derail your investment strategy. Sometimes these mistakes are minor, while others can lead to significant consequences. Understanding how to pick a stock to invest in isn’t always a simple decision, as it’s a good idea… Continue reading How to Choose the Best Stocks for Your Portfolio

stock portfolio

Food, Fuel, and Futures -Investor Impact on the Fed’s FOMC meeting and CPI Inflation4/13/22

It has been three years since the last time we saw the Federal Reserve raise interest rates. Therefore, this announcement deserves a special edition. This report will describe what this decision means for both the market and your portfolio. So, skip to the last paragraph if you’re pressed for time and just what to know about… Continue reading Food, Fuel, and Futures -Investor Impact on the Fed’s FOMC meeting and CPI Inflation

Best Stocks to Buy in Periods of Inflation4/8/22

Understanding how to hedge against inflation is a top priority for investors. Therefore, learning more about the best stocks to buy now is critical in helping you make well-informed decisions that will eventually pay off. What Causes Inflation? Inflation happens whenever there is a greater demand for goods and services than the available supply. The… Continue reading Best Stocks to Buy in Periods of Inflation

inflation stock picks

Christopher Columbus the Pioneer of OPM10/11/21

Grand Admiral of the Ocean Seas Christoforo Colombo, the legendary, or infamous depending on your point of view., explorer/ mariner who discovered the New World and gave genesis to the expansion of Western Civilization. But today, we will celebrate him as one of the first capitalists to use one of the great levers of the… Continue reading Christopher Columbus the Pioneer of OPM

Welcome to the Game9/30/21

It’s a brand new day, and you are about to head to the game. There is electricity in the air as you get closer to the stadium. Thousands of players have tried out to make it to one of the handfuls of teams in the league. Fewer players make the cut, and only a select… Continue reading Welcome to the Game

Yankee Stadium
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